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I like to collaborate on business and marketing topics. I’m also involved in the photography community, especially related to the areas of marketing, business and pricing photography.

About Rosh Sillars And Collaborations

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Thank you for checking out my collaboration page! I’m a veteran marketing consultant and photographer. If you are interested, BFA degree is from the  College of Creative Studies (CCS), Detroit.  I’ve taught both photography and social media at the university level. I’m the author of four books related photography and marketing.  I podcast, blog, blog and speak on topics, such as, photography business and marketing strategies for small business. I offer my marketing, consulting and photography services to media, independent professionals and corporate clients through my creative media company, Rosh Media. If you are in the marketing or photography arena and are looking for someone to network with, I’m here to support you!


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Below are a few starting point topics, however, I’m happy to create a video or specialty content on any topic you find valuable. Interviews on each other’s shows are always welcome. The goal is to grow our communities by sharing content.

  • Build Success Combinations in your niche
  • Marketing Strategies
    • Social Media
    • Twitter
    • YouTube
  • What is a persona?
    • Who is your customer?
    • Are you focused on the right target market?
  • Awareness/Branding: Do people know of your company?
  • Website Traffic: Are you earning enough traffic to your website?
    • What is the goal of SEO
    • 4 steps to a blog
  • Conversions (sales): Are people buying from you?
    • Two steps to improve conversions
    • 3 powerful ways to grow your email list
  • Retention: How to Keep the clients you have.

Don’t be shy. Connect, it never hurts to ask. Even if we are not the right fit, it’s always good to grow our network of connections.